A Day Behind

I am running a day late this week, because I have an abscessed tooth which has led to a very horrible infection in my face. My cheek is so swollen that my eye is trying to shut and the corner of my mouth is turned downward. I look like someone beat me up just without the bruises. I plan on seeing my doctor today and then having the tooth pulled later in the week. I’ve been doubling up on my immunity boosters (garlic, echinacea, etc) and vitamin C to try and fight the infection. Plus, I will likely start taking some probiotics when I start my antibiotics to keep my stomach in check because they will no doubt be very strong medicine as bad as this infection is already. I may use this unwanted experience to choose my next “herb of the week”. I have an excellent recipe already in mind, I just have to decide which ingredient I want to explore further. I will do my best to get it done today, but if I can’t it will be tomorrow at the latest.


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