What A Week!

This has been one long week! I spent most of it doing a complete “fall cleaning”of my home while still finding time to do not only my daughter’s homework but my own as well, plus going to dr appointments and trying to tidy up my garden. Needless to say I’m grateful to have an extra day this week with the Labor Day holiday to take a little break and do a little research for my next entry into the materia medica this week. I haven’t quite decided which plant I’m going to research, but I’m thinking maybe it will be something a little less common than I did last week. If you ever have any suggestions on which plant to cover feel free to comment or email me at thehomemadeherbalist@gmail.com . I do my best to respond to all emails promptly and I thank you ahead of time for your input! I always love hearing from you all! I’m going to keep it short and sweet tonight and I’ll try and have the new material up ASAP!


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  1. Emil right now, I don’t have access to email. Something that’s in bloom where I live, is golden rod, maybe it’s something that you would consider writing about.


    1. Sure! I will see what information I can find. It is also in bloom here in Mississippi.

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  2. I just posted the info today


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