Materia Medica: Peppermint 

Common Name: Peppermint 

Botanical Name: Mentha peperita

Plant type: Perennial 

Hardiness Zone: 5

Height/Width: 12-24in/12-24in

Description: Found in moist soil with a strong sweet scent. It has crinkled leaves with reddish-purple tinged stems. The 2 inch leaves are pointed and  toothed. The flower spikes are 2-4 inches long with lavender flowers. Spreads fervently with runners and can be invasive.

Parts Used: Leaf

Taste/Smell: Sweet, Spicy, Aromatic, Cooling 

Tendencies: Cooling and Drying

Uses: Cold, Cough, Gas, IBS, Colic, Nausea, Vomiting, Indigestion

Contraindications: Pregnancy



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