Herbal Medicine, Not A Poor Man’s Practice

I’ve researched several schools where you can get certified in the practice of herbal medicine and I’ve found them to be very expensive. It varies between $1000 to upwards of 20k. This isn’t in my budget at the current time, so I’m going to opt for the self taught route for now. In a future post I will try and highlight which schools I find most favorable because I fully intend to get certified, but I’ve got to finish my business degree before I can take out any more loans. I love the idea of having a degree in alternative medicine, but not as much as I love my business degree. I’ve only been dabbling in herbs for a short time, but business and I go way back and we have a very good relationship. Back to the subject at hand, I’ve been browsing Amazon for some books on herbalism, materia medica, etc and I think I’ve found a few good ones. I already have a couple ebooks as well, so that’s a start. A few things I’d like to know are how many t-shirts these hippies had to sell to pay for an herbal education? Do you have any book recommendations? What has been the most useful thing you’ve learned so far?hippyvan.jpg


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  1. I feel your pain, I really do. My heart and mind both tell me it’s time to explore alternative medicine as there may come a time when modern medicine isn’t accessible. I can’t afford the certifications, but I can afford free webinars and mini-courses that some of the schools provide as a way to entice new students. And, articles and videos written by well known herbalists like Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed. They didn’t have schools to attend that taught this, so, how did they learn? At the feet of grandmothers and other women who came along side them and shared their wisdom. We need to share with one another. This knowledge is too old and too deep not to. Be well!


    1. I’m also collecting as much knowledge as I can from the free videos and webinars, books etc. I found they have a library sorts at this site http://herbarium.herbalacademyofne.com and I think it’s only $45 a year. I haven’t tried it, but I’m definitely interested. I’m currently waiting on some new books from Amazon to add to my collection. I can’t afford the certifications right now either, but I can’t afford not to learn what I can on my own!

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