And So It Was Decided

I began this blog because I wanted to document my journey into herbalism, but I quickly realized that is only one facet of the diamond( ok, cubic zirconia) that is myself. Today, I didn’t feel like doing a damn thing. I somehow dredged up the energy to cook dinner and get my kids ready for bed, but it was a struggle. As I sit here writing, I wonder how these married women that do everything still manage to have a relationship with another human being without smothering them in their sleep. Maybe I’m a cynic, but I think after a long day if my husband came home and was like “hey, you forgot my dry cleaning” I’d be telling that story to a judge while wearing a very unflattering shade of orange. Besides that, where do they get the energy for all that doing? I’ve tried everything in the book, pills, vitamins, herbs, self help books, vodka, you name it and I still haven’t found their secret. I guess it is the bipolar in me that gives me a few days a month where I think I could be one of them and whole lot more days where I’m just not. Today was the latter. This is a blog and you can’t see me( thank God for small miracles), but I assure you I look as frazzled as I sound. I think these other women must be wizards. Or are they just faking it as they eat all the cupcakes they just shared 25 pictures of on facebook?


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