The Real Real

If you asked me ten years ago what I thought my life would be like at 31, I would have said a husband, kids, a great job, and my own home. A white picket fence life. The truth is out of all those things I’ve only managed one, two beautiful kids. I’ve also managed to accrue an arrest record and a terrible addiction to prescription pain killers. My life was way off track, I was very far away from the life I had always imagined for myself. How did I even get so far off track? A lot of mistakes, bad choices and men I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with but didn’t. Which brings me to the reason I decided to document my progress. I was going nowhere fast and I desperately needed something to turn my life around. I saw a doctor, got sober, and said adios to my boyfriend of 5 years. That was a year ago. I started gardening and using a few herbal products to better my health. The combination of those things made me want to know more about the science behind herbs and herbal remedies. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. At the same time, I decided to go back to school and finish the degree that I started ten years ago so I could finally pursue my biggest dream, owning my own business. So the way I see it things have finally come full circle and I get another chance to start fresh and do it right this time. I’ll keep you posted…


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