Herbal Medicine, Not A Poor Man’s Practice

I’ve researched several schools where you can get certified in the practice of herbal medicine and I’ve found them to be very expensive. It varies between $1000 to upwards of 20k. This isn’t in my budget at the current time, so I’m going to opt for the self taught route for now. In a future…

My Favorite Tea 

I used to hate herbal tea. I thought it was bland and boring, until I started making my own. Now, I drink it most every day. This one happens to be my favorite. It is lemon ginger with lemon thyme, lemon balm, and spearmint. I use honey to sweeten it and fresh lemon. I don’t…

Random Spurts Of Emotion

If you knew me, you would know that I’m not an emotional person. I typically can keep my poker face long after you’ve gotten mad and walked away. The only emotion that I show readily is anger and I take a medicine for that, ha! Anywho, I was driving down the road in my car…

And So It Was Decided

I began this blog because I wanted to document my journey into herbalism, but I quickly realized that is only one facet of the diamond( ok, cubic zirconia) that is myself. Today, I didn’t feel like doing a damn thing. I somehow dredged up the energy to cook dinner and get my kids ready for…

The Real Real

If you asked me ten years ago what I thought my life would be like at 31, I would have said a husband, kids, a great job, and my own home.

What is Herbalism?

What is Herbalism all about? Wikipedia defines it as “the use of plants for medicinal purposes, and the study of botany for such use”. To me that is a very limited definition.

First blog post

My first blog post. I decided not to change the name because everyone has to start somewhere and this is my beginning.